Honeysuckle and Smelly Fumes

I continue to get ready for this experience…but how do you pack for a year really?   I’m kind of clueless!  I was looking at the calendar the other day to check on a date, and I about fell off my chair with how soon it’s coming up.  I literally am not counting the days, which seems shocking to some people…but Tom once told me that one shouldn’t live in the past or always have your mind towards the future but to focus on the present, the days you are living now.  That is what I’m doing.   I love on the movie Kung Fu Panda the quote from Master Oogway: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.   My sister on the other hand has the exact days and hours down. 

Last week I worked with the kindergarten during VBS Powerlab at church.   Oh my goodness at one point I had one girl on my leg, another on the other leg, one wrapped around my stomach, and another on my back getting a piggy back ride.   I had a blast.  VBS also sponsored me which was an amazing honor and it helped out so much.   I absolutely love working with the teenagers, but the preschool/kindergarten age hold a special place in my heart, they just are such a great age to work with. 

I am engulfed in fumes right now…I was sprayed at Bath and Body works with a stinky perfume, and then I went to open up some lotion to smell to which it spewed out the cap,  of course I couldn’t waste that lotion so I rubbed it on my arms.   I almost feel like I have a cloud floating around me, like in the old-time cartoons when they spray perfume and a cloud follows them around for a while.  It’s very overpowering.


Material World

Today I decided that my life doesn’t need to be filled with a ton of money,  a huge house, many great possessions, or expensive cars.   I would be happy living in a dirt hut, as long as I was doing what I loved.  Not to say all the little extra things in life aren’t appreciated, because they are.  I just get concerned about how materialistic the world is, how for some people all the nicknacks matter more to them then what it really should.   Doesn’t the Bible say “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

I may certainly appreciate the gifts God has given, the little necessities and nicknacks I have around..but they aren’t my treasures in life.  My heart’s treasure is Jesus.  Nothing compares to that in this world.

Super Truffle Day

There are days where I just need to turn on classical music and just listen to it.  There’s something about Chopin, Debussy,  Bartok, all my favourite composers that really relax me.   My favourite times are laying outside on the ground,  staring up into the sky, and listening to “The Moldau” by Smetana or whatever classical cd I have in the player.    I remember the first time I had ever listened to “The Moldau”,  it was in my violin teacher’s living room, and she had a record of it.   Ahh I loved it instantly, the scratchy noises that the record player made added to the charm and magic of the piece.   My grandpop use to listen to NPR all the time, whenever I was over at their house, the classical music would be playing or the news would be on….I loved it, it was a part of that household,  and whenever I walk into the house now it seems so odd for it to be so strangely quiet.   I love NPR though, Prairie Home Companion, Click and Clack,  What Do You Know, all those radio shows…so amazingly wonderful.  I guess a part of me associates it with grandpop now, a memory I’ll always treasure. 

Today I spent the day with my sister going clothing shopping at Fallen Timbers,  I must say it is a very cute outdoors mall.   All the truffles I ate I felt better because in my mind I kept saying ‘well…at least I’m walking it off.” haha   It was good sister time though.  I bought some much needed clothing for my wardrobe.

Trip Update:

Everything is going extremely well!!  I’ve been released, and will soon be buying my plane ticket once I get all the info necessary.   Time is flying by,  I can’t believe we are technically in the middle of July now!  Oy Vey!!!


Have you ever noticed that when you want time to slow down the most, it seems to speed up faster?  I remember in April thinking July 4th was far away, and now look where I am!!  I’ve been learning a lot from God lately.   Most of it is learning to give up control,  I know this may come as a shock to some people..but I have a tendency to be a control freak when it comes to the running of my life.  Some people seem to have this image of a laid back person when they think of me.  In a way it’s true,  I will admit there are areas of my life that I’m very laid back and easy going, the go with the flow type.  When I’m venturing into the unknown, and life seems to unravel,  I have a tendency to grab hold of the fishing pole and start reeling it in.  Ultimately I seem to make more of a mess of the situation,  you would think I would learn after a while right?  I guess not.    Oh how God is gracious and teaches me wonderful things about control, and I must say that the line has been cut and now God does all the fishing for me in my life.    This whole process of the trip has been very stretching for me, leaning on God and believing that He has everything perfectly under control is what has kept me sane this whole year.   Through it all I’ve seen His faithfulness and His provision which he proves to me daily.  Wow, so many stories I could tell you about how much He has blessed and taken care of me.  I remember the night I broke down after being told I would need surgery to remove my gallbladder, I kept thinking “Why God, why is this happening? How am I ever going to pay for this plus do this missions trip now?”  In my heart I started to really doubt that I was suppose to go to England,  and I started to prepare myself for the inevitable downfall of what seemed to be failure in my mind.   I was crushed and in the morning my mom started to talk with me about my health insurance,  and my deductible, and in that instant my mind closed the door to the trip, and I broke down once more this time in front of mom.  I think she knew instantly what I was worried about, and reassured me that God always provides and that if this is what He really wants me to do everything will work out.    After she left I flipped open my Bible and landed once again on “With God, anything is possible.”,  He seems to like to point that verse out to me when I need to hear it most.   Definately anything and everything is possible with God…because before I knew it,  I had payed off all my medical bills from the surgery,  and barely cut into my savings! What an answer to prayer!!  There are so many more examples of God’s faithfulness throughout this experience, but that is one of the major ones.   What a faithful God we serve!!  I continue to remind myself whenever I read my Aunt’s blog, that we serve a God who is big enough.   Tom once told me this in a letter “Of course, you realize that there will be times when the clouds seem to be blocking out the sun; but God lifts them when we need it most.”  How true that has become in both of our lives.  Aunt Karin I know these days are rough and the road ahead looks scary,  and it’s alright to have those days where you just need a good cry.  I even need those days sometimes. 🙂 In the end though I’m so thankful that we have God who wipes away our tears, who brings comfort to those places in our heart where no one else can.   That in those darkest moments we still believe, and that is what we live for.   I love you