The Beginning

So yesterday I left for England, had a nice flight over by myself…watched Prince Caspian..except didn’t get to see the ending because it was all goofy and cut off right near the end…sad day.   Then the lay over, which basically I got off the plane, and walked to my gate.   I felt like I was missing a step, as in a really long line that Laura warned me about.  I guess not.   Anyways, fell asleep on that flight which was close to an hour, not to shabby and then looked for Judy.  ahha that was fun.   I called her on her mobile phone from a pay phone,  and everyone knows how I am with phones…I don’t use them unless I really have too.   So I asked one clerk what change I should use for the pay phone, and then I asked another clerk how to dial..and woot woot I got through.  Turns out Judy was running between terminal areas because my Kiwi friend Jessica (New Zealand)  was arriving at the same she was trying to get to one of us when we came out of the gate.  England is beautiful, at least from what I have seen already,  the houses are quaint, the pubs grand,  and the driving so not American.   For now Jessica and I are staying at a Lifehope center, where the international people who come into England can stay.  It’s connected to the church Judy goes to.  (Judy is the overseas director, helps coordinate all of us who come in)  Jessica and I stay here until Thursday which is when we start training up, and move to a hotel room I think.     So we were shown the rooms, and then Judy took us out to eat at a nice pub where I had this amazing salad..the chicken was breaded in coconut flakes, and then it had a mango salsa.  mm yeah twas good.   So that’s about it.   I’ve figured out there’s a 5 hour time difference between here and it’s not to bad.   I can already tell this will be a wonderful experience,  even with being unsure as to what we can do and not do…but those will iron out over time.    Thank you all for your prayers and keep them up!!!!!


Wonderful Times

This will be my last post until I arrive in England safely.  I have no idea when I will be able to get back on the internet and update everyone on the events.  Rest assured I will do it as soon as I can.   This year has been quite the rollercoaster journey.   Each time I think about all the events that have happened, I shake my head and think “Man God, that was totally you.”    I am so amazed by how faithful He is.   Change can be a hard thing, but it’s a good thing.   When you think about it, change helps you grow, to experience new things.  Why should we be fearful of change?   I know there are areas in life that change is not extremely welcome, for example concerning health.  But we can’t stop change from happening, of course we can stunt it, but eventually it wins.  🙂