Long Eaton Green

So sad day I had witten this all out but my knee must have hit the wireless connection port out a wee bit, so I lost all.  I will try to remember what it was that I wrote about.  You may be wondering at the title, well Long Eaton Green is the stop I get off at the bus stop.  I’m getting quite good at taking the bus, it’s quite fun really.  I had to do a couple of explores this week, taking different buses and routes to get to certain destinations.  It was great fun.  I talked with mom last night and she was concerned that I may be unhappy in England just the feeling she got from reading my last post.  I want to reassure everyone that I’m quite happy and content with where I am at.  The only reason I wrote about Job (which is definately not the happiest book of the Bible) is because that is what I am reading at the moment, and it really gets me thinking how I will react to certain situations and areas of my life that will be thrown at me, and that I will be throw into.  It’s one thing saying how you will react towards something, but it’s another thing actually experiencing it and doing completely the opposite reaction.  I have finished my first week at NYFC (nottingham youth for christ)  it was quite fun but also relaxed, just because my schedule wasn’t quite smoothed out yet.  On Monday we had our first team meeting, and then later that night Emily (yfc worker) and I went to a youth center and helped out,  which was quite interesting.   Some of the girls were kind of territorial and just had a wee bit of a “who are you and what are you doing here.” attitude towards us.   Hopefully over time the teens will come to trust and feel at home with both of us as we continue to work with them.  Thursday night Emily and I also worked with the Girl’s Brigade which was so chuffin fun!  We worked the kitchen, and did the cooking lesson which we’ll be doing a lot of now!!  So that means we’ll be in charge of picking out the desserts we get to bake with the girls.  woot woot!!  I also love the kitchen because we can have more one on one time with the girls, and it’s quite a relaxed atmosphere.  Probably the funnest and funniest part of the week was what happened on Wednesday when I got to practice my pick-locking skills.   Of course those skills failed me.  The office had a little safe that stored the petty change, but someone lost the key to it and it’s been sitting there for a year and a half unopened.  So after I gave up the picklocking Rich and I decided to get a screwdriver and hammer and basically we demolished any hope of ever using that safe again. haha!!    What my schedule looks like in the coming weeks is that I’ll be working in two schools, one school I’ll be helping out in the music department, and the other school I’ll be doing mentoring, teacher aide work,  helping girls that have fallen out with friends and trying to help patch up those relationships or resolving the problems, and then doing a lunch club and afterschool club.  Also I’ll be helping out at the youth center, doing Pure sports, and the Girl’s Brigrade.  So yes I have a feeling this year will be quite the experience.  Though there is one unfortunate thing in all of this, and that thing is actually a person who is named Richard (my director).  I just don’t know if I’ll be able to get along with him at all, his humour is just attrocious.  hahahaha!!!!  Just kidding,  I know he’ll be reading this eventually so I needed to get in some ribbing.   He’s pretty cool, I really enjoy everyone that is on the team: Richard, Emily, Chantelle, Sidione, Sean, and I.  It will be definately a great year, and I can’t wait to see what God will do!  I’ll put up some links to my pictures that I put up on my facebook picture..so you all can check them out.  🙂  Today Sean and I went into Nottingham and we shopped, window shopped, had some milkshakes, and watched a street performer juggle a chainsaw, a machete, and a handgrenade all in one.  Needless to say there was a big explosion.  Just kidding again!   We had fun, and I made a quote that day in describing the weather  “Yeah we experience both extremes of weather, hot winters and cold summers…wait..”  I was laughing so hard when I realized I had said that.   It’s been decided that I’ll be staying at Margarets for a wee bit longer then expected,  which is great for me!!!  I absolutely love her!  Rich is still interviewing potential hosts though.  Sad day.  But I know that God has a plan, and if it means moving then alright, who am I to mess up his plans aye? 







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