A Rat in the Kitchen

Okay by popular demand I will write this in paragraphs.  I’m sorry to all who have had to struggle reading my other ‘little’ blogs.  You can thank Lonnie and David for all the helpful suggestions.


So on Sunday I had planned on trying to use Skype to talk with my family while they had family dinner (Of course I would be eating my supper as well!!! haha then techinically I wouldn’t have missed our family dinner) The sad part is I counted the hours wrong, I mean 5 hours..its not that hard to figure out, but I was still one hour off.  So when I had planned to try it, they would still have been either at church or not there.  I talked with mom though.   I was quite scatterbrained that day.   So when I possibly could have connected with everyone on Skype I was taking a 40 minute trip to Southwell with Richard and Sean to talk about a course we are offering called EQ to a youth gathering at a church.  EQ basically helps equip teens who want to really reach their friends and talk about Jesus and not feel intimidated by it.


On Monday I had quite the full day!  At 7:30 am I headed off to Billborough with Rich and met up with Chantelle and Sidione to do an assembly at the school there.  Rich did a great job speaking and my English accent was quite posh haha!  After we went into Nottingham and met up with everyone and had team meeting till about 12:30ish.  Came home, had about an hour rest.  Headed off to Pure Sports where teens can come and play the wii, playstation, pool, soccer, basketball, etc.   That was fun, I totally landed a half court shot, to which after I did that one of the boys felt it was necessary to accomplish the same feat to which he failed.  haha 😀 Maybe we’ll work on that next week too!  After Pure Sports I went over to the youth center called Boundary Road.  I had a great time with the teens,  the girls seemed more open to talk to me, (of course not all of the same bunch was there from last week)…and then I played hockey with the boys and the other leader…to which I preceeded to hurt one of the boy’s finger by hitting him accidentally with the hockey stick.  My friend Kyle said maybe I should just stick with playing 2 square.   haha!!!! 


Tuesday was another interesting day.  Rich and I went into Chillwell early to meet with the music teacher I would be helping out and trying to figure out a day that I could come in and work.  After all that happened and we got a general day worked out, we headed to the office and I worked on creating posters for the lunch club and afterschool club.  That was fun, I enjoyed doing that…though it took me ages I would choose something and then completely end up doing something different.   I’ve been designated the coffee maker,  I bought some lovely coffee and it’s not instant, I just can’t seem to drink instant anymore.   So basically EQ started up that afternoon, and it seems to be a boy year,  a lot of boys are doing this course.  We did some get to know you games, talked about what is evanglism, had them ask tough questions and then what kind of answer we would give that type of thing.  It was a good evening I thought.


Then there was today!  Which was genius!  I loved it so much.  So basically I was at the Chillwell School all day helping out in the music department.  I worked with two lads on the violin, got to hear the songs they are writing for events they are playing at,  helped out one of them with the harmony to his piece.  Then we watched the beginning of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and watched to see how the piece uses the different instruments to point out the good, the bad, the ugly.  That was really ineresting, and then he had them play the piece on different instruments.  In the afternoon I helped out with the year 8 students to which they were learning the basic chords to the song “There’s a Rat in the Kitchen” by Bob Marley.  It was great that I have had at least a wee bit of background in the piano, because I was able to help them out with this and figuring out the chords.  I had a blast though, it was great fun.  


So that’s my mid-week update.  I hope it was easier to read!!!  Love you all!

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