Matters of the Heart

First off I just want to start by saying that it’s quite embarrassing to be dancing in the back of a car with Emily to ‘American Boy’ to find out you have a male audience in the next van over.  A lot of laughter definately followed once we realized we had been caught.


I had a wonderful time in Bath, England.   You know I had a fairly decent picture of what it would look like in my head, but when I actually got as more breathtaking then what I had imagined.  The architecture is absolutely stunning, and every building was made from Bath Limestone.  Rachel took me around and showed me the shopping areas, we went past the house that Jane Austen use to live in..number 4.  We also went to the Jane Austen exhibit, where I was contiplating on buying a huge poster of Mr. Darcy…hahaha not!  Though I know that Judy would absolutely have loved it, but it was quite expensive and the Bible says not to have any idols before us… 🙂   We also watched a comedian called Jon Archer, he did a lot of magic tricks also..and you can youtube him if you want.  He was quite funny, I loved his ukelele songs…my favourite was ‘Lazy Man Blues’  to which he sang ‘I woke up in the morning, and went back to bed.’  Another amazing venture we did was the City Sightseeing Tour on the bus…. very informative..very cold, and cold.  We sat on the top of the bus, in the open.  We also toured the Roman Baths which was absolutely brilliant.  I was so mind blown at the history I was walking on, how many 1000’s of years ago it was built and yet was preserved quite magnificently.  We touched the water….it is really warm.   Of course we weren’t allowed too, but it was right there in front of us saying ‘Touch me…touch me’, and everyone else did. hehe I know I know ‘Erin if everyone else jumped of a bridge would you too?’  In this instance… yes.  The most absolutely stunning and breathtaking thing that Rachel was pleased to introduce me too this weekend was ‘Ben’s Cookies’.   The Bath YFC call them Jesus cookies, and I must agree…Rachel and I say that they are the answer to every problem.  Have a bad hair day?  Ben’s Cookies…. Stressed out from work?  Ben’s Cookies… Unrequited love?… Ben’s Cookies.  yep..they are that good.  It was a great time, with a lot of late nights talking in the wee hours of the morning.   Aw yes I just love happy God brought her into my life and that we are friends!


Thanksgiving is this week.  It will be weird to be separated from family during this time, I guess I never realized just how much that I cherish the family time we have together during these holidays.  My YfC team is having a Thanksgiving meal with me on Tuesday, which is really nice of them to do.  It actually really touches my heart a lot that they would think of doing this and just taking the time out and making it feel like home for me in England.  I’ve been blessed with such a great group to work with.   I look back on the past year and realize how much I have to be thankful for.  There is just so much that has happened, and I look back and think ‘Wow God.’  What a mighty God we serve.


I’ve been kind of moody lately, haha..not gonna lie.  But I love that when I’m moody and I don’t have my classical music playing like I would at home. I can just take out my violin….and play.  Play my heart out, sometimes classical music does wonders to a person.  I love how it soothes.


Pastor Adrian has been speaking on ‘The Winning Attitude’ the past month.   It’s been quite challenging for me, and each time I hear what he has to say it really just strikes a chord with me.  I like to think that I have an absolutely brilliant attitude…but sometimes my pride gets the best of me.  It’s interesting though, ever since I’ve gotten here to England I’ve gone through every type of emotion possible.  It seems to be more amplified then usual, quite possibly because I’m in a different territory then normal.  It’s strange when you are completely out of the normal context of your life how your emotions and attitude on things can completely change.  I find that it is quite amazing how we can have a stronghold on the way we speak, act, or think.  It can be quite a bad thing when our mind is locked into one way of thinking or acting.  When we aren’t open to change in those areas.  When you think about it your attitude affects the way you live, how you feel about life.  If you are always down in the dumps, or thinking life sucks…then yeah life is going to suck for you.  It’s not going to change until you change your outlook on life, and realize that the attitude you have chosen isn’t exactly helping.  The only attitude that we should strive to have is the attitude of Christ.  He is the best example ever.  The thing is Jesus came to serve, he had a servant’s heart and if we are to follow his attitude, his example we are going to have to lay down the culture of ‘me’.  That is quite hard, to humble ourselves, to become servant-like especially in this day and age.   We have to apply Him to our lives daily, only then will we really be able to change our attitudes.  The other thing that can affect our attitude is the way we take care of ourselves.  When we are too exhausted and don’t care of ourselves or take time out to just really soak God in, can totally affect the way we live, the way we feel, the way we act towards others.   In the midst of disappointment or heartbreak that’s when we really need to just be with Him.  Jesus went through every type of emotion on this earth, He knows.  God knows, and sometimes when we’re at a loss for words that’s fine….cause all He wants is for us to sit with Him and let His peace float around us.  We have to come near to God, to put our hearts in a place to find Him, and to have an attitude like Jesus.  

“Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Cast me not away from thy presence oh Lord, take not thy Holy Spirit from me.  Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and renew a right spirit within me.”


I wrote that last part for me mainly.  It’s a good reminder for me, to daily just soak God in.  My constant prayer is to have a heart like Jesus.  To have the right attitude, the right out-look on life, to not be stressed over things or worried about the future plans I need to make.  I’m here, and I’m living for now, for God.   Sometimes the worries can get quite overwhelming at times but it’s all God’s now.  It’s all God’s. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family, and just cherish the moments you have together.  I love you all!

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  1. Budy Noodle

     /  05/12/2008

    If you love me you will get the Mr. Darcy poster and a case of Ben’s Cookies!


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