A Little Taste of Forgiveness

Sometimes I realize that I take forgiveness for granted.  I guess it’s just so ingrained into my thinking that everyone just knows to forgive and does it.  Yet I have been thrown into a completely different country where what I was taught growing up is not necessarily taught to young people these days.  We had situation happen this week where a boy stepped up on this other boys foot, accidentally of course, but you could tell that it really hurt.  Sorry was said, but the other boy just would not accept it and said ‘Sorry is just not good enough.’  Later on I was walking through the hallway and this same boy came up to me and just continued on talking about what happened and I said ‘Hey you know he said he was sorry, why can’t you forgive and just let it go, it was an accident.’  The boy literally looked at me and said ‘I don’t believe in forgiveness.’  I was taken aback actually and I looked at him and said ‘You don’t believe in forgiveness..so if you had done that to him and you said you were sorry wouldn’t you want him to forgive you?’  ‘No, I would give him 50 p and that would be good enough for me, I don’t need forgiveness.’  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue the conversation since both of us were walking to our mutual classes. I hope later on that somehow I’ll be able to continue on from that conversation where it left off.   It just got me thinking about God and how I am so thankful He does not have that boy’s mindset.  Could you imagine how much I would owe Him if I had to pay 50 p for every sin committed? oy vey!!   The fact is 50 p wouldn’t even cover my sin… I don’t even deserve forgiveness.  All I know is that my sin can’t be payed off by money, or good deeds.  Jesus payed it off for me, by his life.  He took all the ugliness from me,  wiped me clean and forgave me.  Do I deserve it, no.  But God loved me that much.  He loves you that much.  How can we even comprehend a love so great that He sent His son to die so that we would live.    wow…


I was reminded from back home about just how God is amazing…by the 5th and 6th graders from Ignite.  How God can do anything and everything.  How he can take a sinner like me and use me in England to do His will.  How He heals and touches lives, how everything is under control and He has each of us in the palm of His hand.  


I’m so thankful for everything that He has done, for the people He has brought into my life, for the trips, the experiences that I have been through.  I’m thankful for the hard times, without them I would never grow or have the same relationship that I do now with God.  I’m so thankful for my family, so proud of my family…the strength and courage shown to me each day by my parents.  The friendships I have with my siblings, whom I love so dearly.   I’m thankful for my friends, the laughter and joy each of them bring to my life.  Most of all I am so thankful for my God, that He loved me so much He never let me go.   I’m so blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Budy Noodle

     /  05/12/2008

    I’m thankful for you Erona! I really need to tell you that more often!


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