Fireside Chats

Right now Jenny, and I are sitting by a REAL fire in the fireplace!!  I think I love real fires.  I think I love electric blankets…but I know I absolutely love coffee and coffee shops!


Now I talked about staff conference a wee bit..but I didn’t go into full detail.  It was an amazing week, with amazing food, and of course I love, always love seeing friends.  Our main speaker was a man named Leonard Sweet, if you have a chance you should look him up.  I really enjoyed what he had to say…especially about looking at the Bible as an apple, and not an orange!  Now you are probably wondering what the heck!!


Well quite simply most of us look at the Bible as an orange.  What does that mean?  Well to to eat an orange, we have to peel the orange, and then once the orange gets peeled, you can split the orange into segments.  We do that with the Bible, instead of reading the Bible as a whole we break it up, we dissect the verses instead of reading the chapters..etc.  Now that isn’t particularly bad…but for that week we looked at the Bible as an apple…where we just bit in, and read it as a whole.  We looked at whole pieces of stories, we looked more in depth at certain passages.  It was just really eye-opening for me.  It just really challenged me to really read and explore further in depth the passages that I read, and to look at it as a whole instead of dissecting it like I normally do. 


The last two weeks have been getting back into the normal routine of schools, clubs, etc.  I must say it has been wonderfully pleasant to get back into the groove of things.  I, of course, am so happy to be back at William Sharp, we’ve been talking about good communication skills…and they practice on me how not to communicate with people! lol. This past week we encountered what it would be like if there was a barrier blocking the communication between two people, which meant I spoke to them in Spanish…and tried to communicate some simple commands like  leave the room, shut up (the teacher told me to HAHA), be quiet…etc.  It was really humorous.   Emily and I are not in charge of cooking anymore  at Girl’s Brigade…sad day, and no it’s not because we burned down the Pearson Centre!!   Emily cracks me up, I always have so much fun with her whenever we get to work together….we have such a pick-on relationship.   Of  course I’m a lot nicer to her then what she is to me….not really.


Last Saturday I went to my first hen party.  Oh yeah was that fun.  Basically it’s a bachlorette party, and what we did was absolutely hilarious.  The theme of the evening was based on the ugly stepsisters.  We went to the pantomime ‘Cinderella’.   Now for those who don’t know, in a pantomime there is normally a dame, and the dame is actually a man dressed up as a woman.  Well there were two dames in Cinderella, and they were the ugly stepsisters.  So we dressed up as the ugly stepsisters, and went into town to watch the show.  So in a sense I dressed in drag, cause we are woman who dressed as a man who dressed like a woman..if that makes sense.  Oh my word, the outcome was hilarious to see some of the ladies from church with how they dressed. 

I’ve continue to learn about fully trusting God.  My hope is in Him.  Sometimes things get thrown at me all at once, which in turn really overwhelms my brain at times.  It’s a bit mental.  When it does though sometimes I need a good kick-in the butt to remind me that God has taken care of me in the past, that He has everything under control, and that if things are to happen they will.   His plans are perfect for my life and so is His timing.  Now if I could just believe the timing part, lol!! 

I am able to walk long distances again!!  My legs don’t hurt anymore after a couple weeks rest.  During my walks I am reminded just how beautiful nature is, sometimes I’ll just stop to observe the patterns in the bark of a tree, or a ‘simple’ little leaf that has the most beautiful, intricate details on it.   How often do pass these, how often do we forget how magnificently this world was created, and how often do we take it for granted? 

 I love this quote by Rilke~ ‘Most people simply don’t know how beautiful the world is and how much splendor is revealed in the smallest things, in a common flower, in a stone, in the bark of a tree or the leaf of a birch.  Grown-up people, who have occupations and cares and who worry themselves about mere trifles, gradually lose the eye for these riches, while children, if they are observant and good, quickly notice and love with their whole heart.’ 


When we look at the world through a child’s eyes, new wonders and dreams open up to us that we could never imagine if we were to look at the world through the eyes of an adult.  I agree eventually responsibilities come that we do have to handle as adults, but when we lose that freshness, the wonders that come from looking at world’s surprises for the first time and can appreciate the beauty of the world…how mundane life becomes.


Growing up doesn’t mean we have to become boring, growing up gives us the chance to follow those dreams we dreamed when we were little.



There comes a time when in your life you think you have managed to get a hold of an issue and just really let it go.  This past week I realized what I once thought I had gotten over, I really hadn’t.  Actually as I think about it, I stopped talking to God about it, and it came back and hit me full force.  And I wonder if this going to be something of a ‘recovering alcoholic’ type deal for me. 

I remember back in May when I had gone to Woman’s Field Day, and we did the intensive study on Ephesians.  Where I was told to say “I am a beautiful woman of God.”, but for once when I actually did say it…I really believed it.  Somehow I got to the point of believing it in my heart to just saying it once again. 


During Staff Conference, God really hit  me in the head over it.  I had gotten sucked back into my old routine of over obsessive exercise, masking it with the fact that I just needed to start training for the triathalon (which in fact I really do).  So the thing I looked forward to the most (the gym and swimming) I wasn’t actually able to use.  I went to the gym once, and I swam only once.  Cause in reality my foot and leg were hurting way too much.  It literally got to the point where I burst into tears cause just walking for  10 minutes  to my room really made my leg hurt so badly.  I think God knew that the only way to get my attention on this matter was to immobilize me, and then have me go to a session about character and maintaining integrity in our ministry to which self-image came up in the talk.   Yeah He basically got me where it counts. haha, taking away something I love, to see the bigger issue that was starting to form!

Interestingly enough I found a letter in my luggage case that I had gotten from Women’s Field Day, which basically is a letter from God…using different bible verses.  It’s not talking about being beautiful or handwoven by Him…it’s completely different.   The thing is I needed to read it at the time. This is what it said…

“Trouble and heartache are guaranteed components of life on earth.  But be assured, I’ll never leave you or abandon you–no matter what you’re facing.  I Myself, go before you and am with you.  I am your helper; you can trust Me to faithfully meet all your needs according to My unlimited riches in glory.”


He is here with me, helping me.


So it’s time to rediscover who God says I am.  It’s time to get back to that place where I believe in my heart what I know in my head.  It’s time to stop believing the lies that come into my head.  To not pick myself apart everytime I look in the mirror, and to truly believe I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things

Alright so after I got done with my walk Long Eaton to Nottingham and back I realized that it was New Year’s Eve today!!   haha..wwwooooowwww!   I’ve really had no idea what the days are this week…I’ve been off my rocker and when I’m on break it just kind of all meshes into one day!

I’ve had such a wonderful Christmas break so far!!  I went to my friend Rachel’s house near London for Christmas.  Aw it was insane but soo fun!  I missed my family, but I really had such a great time with Rachel’s.  🙂

Originally I had written out this huge list of favourites and non favourites of my 2008 year…but I decided to erase that and just do a short or long paragraph depending on how it goes!

Just remembering how the year started out with a surgery and not even thinking that I would make it to England just really amazes me how much can change over a period of time.  Throughout this year so many different events have happened.  The support of friends,  family, and my church through out the whole trip process just blesses my socks off.  I am absolutely blessed to have all these people in my life. 

A couple of favourite memories would be going to the Heeres household and hanging out with the gang at the drive-in theater on the weekends…becoming such a frequent customer that the ticket boy remembered me from the weeks that I came.  HAHA

Sunday nights at Mary and Anna’s watching Iron Chef America.

Working with the Youthgroup at my church!!! Who knew that I would love working with them as much as the 3-5 year olds! 😉  Plus the awesome youth sponsors that I got to work with too..

Friends that I hardly ever see anymore, this past year seemed to be the magical year of getting to see them!!  Jenny (Bloom), Sunshine (Levi), Ray(Luke), Catherine, Travy, Josh, and even Brain (Laura)!!!

The best part though was my family.  I loved all the family time that we had…sometimes life seemed to get  a wee bit hectic with the schedules.  But when you just take time out to just be with everyone, to visit, to talk and laugh it’s just such a wonderful thing.  I loved on Sundays when my mom was home from work we would have a family lunch after church, picking up my grandmum from the nursing home..and just being together.   That’s the thing, just taking that time out and creating those memories that last a life time,  I’m going to cherish those.   I think about how silly I was when I was younger, but then again I was never old enough to really appreciate all the family time we had together…and I think I just really took it for granted.  I had the mindset that everyone lives forever, but I learned later on that we don’t.   I think about my Aunt Karin, and the whole battle she went through with the cancer…and just how blessed we are to still have her with us, and to have her healthy for right now and hopefully for a really long time.  I think about my dad and just how blessed we are that he still home with us, even when the MS seems to get the best of him.   God has just taken care of my family even when it seems unfair at times with the things  everyone seems to go through…He always has His hand on us, guiding us through those rough patches. 

 I look back on this year and think how blessed I am.   I can’t even put into words just how thankful for everyone that is in my life, for everyone who helped me to get to England.  For all the new friends that I have met and have just blessed me immensely with their friendships.  Already I have formed friends for life here in England.


God is so good!