Two Weeks of Craziness All Combined in One Post!!

Alright so these past two weeks were complete craziness for me!  I completely enjoyed them though. 

So let’s do a recap!


So the first week I had half-term, now that is the normal week break for the schools.  I, on the other hand didn’t get a break! lol.  Monday and Tuesday I did a lot of prep work for the upcoming week at Hucknall, and then on Wednesday I had an absolute blast, we took a bunch of kids from Billborough and Chilwell to go bowling and eat at Pizza Hut.  I loved getting to hang out with some of my year 7s outside school and getting to see them out of the normal day routine.  One of the boys came up to me while bowling and said ‘Erin, can you please mess up so I can win?’   and as much as I wanted to say sure, the competitive spirit in me over-ruled that answer and I said ‘HECK NO!’  Pizza Hut was fantastic…all you can eat buffet, some people had 8 slices, I had 4 and I about puked. I can’t eat as much as I use too! lol….I was challenged to eating a handfull of hot peppercorn flakes.  I won. 


On Thursday I headed off to Birmingham for Modular Training.  As I climbed on the train and turned around who but my friend Josh was standing behind me!!! It was absolutely fab getting to ride the train with him, we always have a good laugh whenever we’re together.  Once we got to the station we met up with Abi, and headed to Halesowen.  It was a great two days of training honestly.  the subject was on mission and evanglism.  Kate John and Paul Flavel led the sessions.  On Friday Hannah (my  line manager), her husband Joe, Kyle, Mark and I headed off to Ipswich all scrunched into a small compact car called Sunshine.  You could feel the love haha.  It was an absolute crazy but fun weekend, we spent most of Saturday together practicing for Hannah’s worship event that night.  We had a great time, and it went really well.  I enjoyed Dave Bowen’s  talk on inner beauty.  Sunday we spent the afternoon together and then headed back to Birmingham with Joe, got to the train station and headed back to Notts.  The train was packed I literally could not get to my reserved seat, so I stood the whole train ride back.  Wasn’t cool at all!!!


So on to this past week!


Rich and I had to get up in the wee hours of the morn to head to a town 40 minutes away from Long Eaton.   It was mission week at The National School in Hucknall.  I really enjoyed it to be honest with you, though it really was completely out of my comfort zone.  I have to be honest with you I seem to enjoy the background jobs more then what I do the upfront ones.  Unfortunately all of what we did was upfront.  We lead R.E. lessons the whole week, and we got to see ALL the teens that go to that school which we estimated to be about 1000 plus.  Every morning my stomach rolled, and I got out of bed and prayed ‘God get me through this day please, and help me not to embarrass myself or make too many mistakes’  I was absolutely petrified some times and really jealous of Rich cause he could talk on the fly and it would be perfect when I on the otherhand would have a mind that would blank when I stepped up to talk.  Of course he’s been doing this for 13 years and I’ve been doing it for 6 months but that still didn’t stop me from getting frustrated.  By the end of the week though I felt more comfortable with it, but the nerves never stopped.


So you are probably wondering what we did.  Well the year 7s we taught the lessons on ‘Unfairness’, year 8s on ‘Stewardship’, year 9s ‘Equality’, year 10s ‘Poverty’, and year 11s, 12s, and 13s on ‘Justice’!  But the best part was we could be as open as we wanted about our faith in God!  In fact they even asked us to be more preachy then what we already were.  We had a lot of really good questions asked,  I talked with a guy who was a creationist/evolutionist…but didn’t consider himself a Christian.   Practically all the teens knew my name by the end and greet me ‘Hey Erin!!! can you say yogurt?’, or at least they would say ‘hey it’s her..she’s the american!’, and they talked about me on the bus which they told me later on.   I fully enjoyed getting to meet the teens there, they are a pretty awesome bunch to work with.  The teachers were also really nice…sometimes when you walk into certain schools the teachers just brush you off and ignore you, but we had teachers coming up to us, talking to us, smiling and it just made it so much nicer. 


Funny story of the week.   I went to use the toilet, and I asked a teacher if it was alright that I was using the disabled restroom and she said ‘Yeaaah it’s fine go ahead.’  well I close the door, do my thing, try to get out…and i was LOCKED in!!!!  I was locked in there for 10 minutes before they could get someone to get  a key to let me out.  I was so embarrassed, and some of the students even heard about it and were like ‘Erin that was YOU?’  haha it created a great laugh. 


Second funny story.  I was at Friday Night Live and the girls and I were in the gymnasium and I was telling them how we use to throw the hula hoops and try to dive through them when I was little.  They asked me to demonstrate.   I got halfway through the hula hoop…but my face hit the floor and kind of stopped the momentum.  I hurt so much, but I was laughing so hard.  Some of the girls had tears cause they were laughing so hard.  I had tears cause I permanently bruised my stomach. lol!


Anyways I think that I will finally be recovered from these past two was a nice relaxing, cleaning day…and tomorrow will be another relaxing day again.  yay!


Four Facts

Last night I was made to think (at a team social) about three things in my life that stand out to me through out the years.  I thought I would share those with you…though I am going to change one thing…actually no I am going to add one to the list. 


1.) Learning to play the violin- my first and only love.   I know that sometimes my discipline with practice waivers every so often, but Lucy (yes she is named) has always been there.  When I’ve needed to vent my feelings, happy, sad whatever it is that day. I can whip her out and just play whatever is on my heart.  It’s a good release of emotions.  I’m so thankful that my mom and dad finally believed enough in me to invest in this area of my life, and that they pushed me whenever I slacked off.  If I didn’t have music in my life, I don’t know what I would honestly do.


2.) Russia-Everyone knows that this country holds a dear and special place in my heart.  I had always had an obsession with it when I was younger and when I was 16 and was able to take a month long trip with YfC to Samara, that was such a dream come true.  The truth of the matter is it has changed my life and heart forever, the people..the land.  What I didn’t realize was that when I was in Russia I met one of the dearest people to ever come into my life. Two actually.  Tom who became a third grandfather to me and a mentor, who helped me through some really tough times, who opened my eyes to many things about life and helped me find my way in areas that I questioned.  Tanya who was such a wonderful sister to me, who became a treasured friend while I was there.  I haven’t heard from her since, even though I’ve tried many times to make contact….but even though I haven’t heard from her she made a real impact in my life during that time…and I still consider her a dear friend.


3.)  My four years after high school.   It took me quite a long time to except myself as not a loser who graduated from high school, but didn’t go to college.  During that time I worked, but I also helped my mom out with dad.  I know that some people think that if you don’t go to college you are just going to end up with a dead-pan job you despise, and then you waste the rest of your life and are headed no where.  Well I for one know that is not where I am going, and I haven’t yet gone to college yet.  But what I’m thankful for is that I was there for my mom, I don’t know how big of a help I was at times…but oddly enough the times that I treasure the most are when her and I would make late night trips to the ER when dad was doing poorly and just being together through that.  I loved the visits to the nursing home to see dad, even when i was so exhausted going directly from work.  Those moments made me treasure my parents so much more then what I could have…if I had been gone. 


4.)  The third leads into this one…which is England.  I’m already 6 months into my year…it has been a stretching experience, and a step out of my comfort zone.  I’ve done things that I never thought i would have done.  I couldn’t hide behind my violin this time.  God put me in a program where I learned that yes I  can do worship etc, but I can also do youthwork…something that is completely not related to music.  And I LOVE IT!!   I’ve met people that I know will be a part of my life even after this year,  dear friends who are now like family to me.  And yes, Emily you my dear have changed my life forever and are the best part of the year  😉 .  


So there you go…another sappy web blog by me.   Right now I am on half term break…though it isn’t  break, lol!!!  I’ve been doing a lot of prep work for next week, which is going to be a mission in Hucknall.  Rich and I are leading year 7-11 classes everyday, doing assemblies, etc.  It’s going to be absolutely insane, exhausting, and fun….but man oh man it’s going be crazy.  Today we took a half-term trip with young people from Chilwell and Billborough and went bowling and ate at Pizza Hut.  That was absolutely brilliant, I had a lot of fun though my competitive spirit came out and one young man finally realized that I wasn’t going to mess up my game to let him win.  I was doing amazing too.  All that Wii bowling has done me good. lol!!!


Tomorrow I shall be heading to Birmingham for modular training, Proclamation Evanglism. I’m quite excited to see what we’ll learn for that…and then I’ll be heading to Ipswich with my line-manager Hannah, Mark, and Kyle!!  Hannah is doing a fundraiser and is putting on a worship event to which we’ll be helping lead the worship and will have a speaker.   I think it will be great and I really hope that it turns out well for her, cause Hannah is an exceptional line manager and just really cares about me and all the others she looks after.  (Plus I’m hoping just maybe I’ll be able to see the sea.)


Alrighty well my favourite quote of the week is by my director Richard Dawson……concerning the computer that I basically wiped out info from.

‘Erin you are like Hitler.  You do computer cleansing.’


how embarrassing

Dear God, it’s me….Erin

I’ve never really complained about being over here in Engand, cause for the most part it is still quite surreal to me and mind-blowing that I am actually sitting on the floor in Margaret’s house in Long Eaton.   I’ve nothing to complain about honestly except for one tiny detail.  Which finally I feel that God has heard. 


That my friends is lack of snow. 


BUT my prayers have been answered, and on Monday we had a nice little snowstorm, and today I had my first English snow day!!!!!  Emily and I made a snowman on Monday during Pure Sports, and then after we closed Boundary Road early I started up a snowball fight with Niem (one of the boys that attends club)…..he’s afraid of me for some reason, probably cause I throw hardcore snowballs (thanks to the baseball skills my brother helped me acquire when we were little, though David knows just how bad my aim can be ahahahaha)  The other reason probably is because he knows how I am when I start to play football….I can’t help it if I’m competitive and hurt people. 


And then today…what a day, what a day, what a mighty good day!  I woke up to Margaret, Ian and Jenny discussing the snow and then I heard the word cancellation.  I popped out of bed, looked out the window and a glorious scene awaited my eyes.  We had a snow shower during the night, and basically all the schools closed!  I clapped my hands, did a little dance, text some people to say how overjoyed I was, changed…and basically went out for a reaalllly long walk and took a lot of pictures!  woot woot!!!  Then I got showered with muddy snow by an idiot driver who happily decided to hit the muddy snow patch on purpose to get me.  I said a prayer for him.  Not a really nice prayer, but at least I prayed right?  haha 😀 


It went like this

‘Dear God, it’s me…..Erin.  I know that  some people are blessed when it comes to how high their IQ is, so I just want to pray an extra special blessing on that man right there, cause obviously he got the short end of the stick.’


Jenny and I went out and did a wee bit of shopping, and then had a wonderful time of roasting marshmellows in the fireplace, and then for Margaret’s enjoyment we dipped the rest of the marshmellows in chocolate!  I’d say we had our calorie fill right there, and Bethany definately had plenty of sugar from that amazing fun.  We also roasted chestnuts on the fire with Margaret, which was awesome! I kept humming ‘White Christmas’  I just had such a wonderful day. 


My grandmum turned eighty yesterday.  I’m sure she is going to really enjoy the fact that I just proclaimed that over the internet….as it should be.  I think it’s amazing and absolutely wonderful.  I am so proud of my grandmum, and really blessed to have her in my life.  I think she is a wonderful example, and is such a spit-fire.  Personally I hope that I have a witty, spit-fire personality when I get older, and then be able to claim it on old age too.  It’s absolutely fabulous to be shocking when you have such a great excuse like that!  😉


Of course I think I shock people with what I say anyways at times. hmmm well…at least I do with mom.  I blame it on old age.


Right.  Well I feel like I need to write something spiritual.  so here it is.

Dear God, it’s me Erin….remember that idiot driver today?  I hope you give him the same blessing he bestowed on me earlier.  Amen