Fenced Front Yard

I always enjoy walking past a specific house everyday.  It is the only house on my street that has an actual front yard, with a nice big fence in front of it.  By the house there are daffodils and different flowers, and green shrubs surrounding the little pathways going up to each door.  It isn’t the most attractive yard in all honesty, and that isn’t why I love walking by this house.  You see there is this old man that lives there, lol I know what you are thinking ‘Erin, where are you going with this?’….noo I don’t have a crush on this guy.  He has to be at least 60 odd years.  But he has this beautiful older dog.  I don’t know the name yet, but eventually I will find out.  But I love this dog.  He is a very regal looking dog, white with huge tan spots all over his body with grey streaks running across his nose and past his eyes.  His eyes are so warm and even wise looking, but they are swimmingly a dark chocolate  brown colour.  Whenever I walk past he trots up to the big old fence running along the yard, gracefully but gently he puts his two front paws on the fence and stands up to greet me.   He loves it when you scratch behind his ears and always tilts his head into your hand when you pet him, and sometimes he’ll even grab his squeaky toy before he trots up to the fence for his greeting.  His owner always just looks on and smiles, makes small talk with whoever stops to pet his dog..and whenever I see him he always has a smile on his face.  Sometimes he’ll just look at me and say ‘E’llo me duck.’   I love this brick house with the front yard.  It may not be the most attractive, but it’s the older gentleman and the dog that make me think it’s beautiful.


Stepping Stones

I’m sorry it’s been literally a month since I last posted.  But after that last maadd post, I had pretty much another maaaaddd month! 🙂  A lot has been going on activity wise.  But at the moment I really am not much in a recap mood.  This month in all honesty was quite a tough one for me.  Because this was the month that I had told myself by the end of I would finally make the decision about what it is that I would be doing next year, and the fact that I’ve been so physically exhausted hasn’t really helped.  Right now I’d rather just talk about something I had witnessed and thought about the other day.


 Sunday I went to Highfield’s Park right after church.  I spent five hours just sitting in the park, writing letters, and finally relaxing….oh and watching people too.  It came after a day where  I literally was up from 4:30 am and out till 10 pm, then coming home to find that the clocks got changed an hour ahead.  So I wasn’t to happy about learning that I also lost an hour of sleep.   To finally have a day where I could just relax and not have to worry about being anywhere or having to do anything, God really blessed me with a beautiful day at the park.  I loved it.


There was a moment in the park where I just stopped writing and just watched the beautiful scene before my eyes.   Every once in a while a gust of wind would come, and you could see it make ripples in the water.   The ducks would come and fly in and land perfectly in the water, without making a splash.


I’ve been so challenged this month.  About keeping my heart open to the different possibilities of what it is that God wants me to do.  It was hard, I won’t lie.  Cause I have fallen completely in love here, with the people, the young people I work with and the area.   Decisions are easy when the heart isn’t involved, but obviously this wasn’t the case for me.   It’s going to be difficult for me honestly, cause I had my heart set on doing another year.  Letting go of people who I have dearly come to love and see every week, or monthly.  It’s hard.  


But the last thing I want to do is get in the way of God.  I was challenged in taking a step.  Stepping out and believing that nothing is impossible with God.  Taking that step so that God can do something even more amazing then what He has already.   So I am, and I am fully trusting that God will provide, that this step I will be making in the next year He will have me go where it is I am suppose to be. 


There was a little stretch that I walked down, surrounded by trees and then I turned and walked along these stepping stones across a section of the lake.  I had to take huge steps to cross them, but it was worth it cause the view was absolutely amazing and just beautiful.    And during that moment I just felt God with me, and I knew that everything would be alright.  I remembered something that was said to me at the beginning of the year at training.  ‘God knows your heart, and everytime Erin your heart broke, He cried with you.’ 


Sometimes patience isn’t my strongest point…especially when it comes to my life and decisions concerning the future.   I know though that God is with me, walking with me and attentive to my thoughts and feelings, and waiting for me to take that step so that He can do amazing works through and in my life.

So a step it is, and one that I’ll take…and one day I’ll be back at Highfield’s Park, sitting on the same bench with the beautiful view in front of me.  Remembering all that God has done, and will do with and in my life.