Pink and Green shirts

I am watching ‘The Weakest Link’ right now, as Margaret is sleeping on the chair next to me with Teddy in her lap.  There’s a lovely chap on named John who is wearing an interesting shirt with the right side pink, and the left side lime green.  Sadly he just got voted off, I was sort of hoping that shirt would be a lucky one, obviously it became his downfall.  Mainly because everyone was getting annoyed with it.   Not that I would have voted differently, the first time I saw him my immediate reaction was ‘wooahh buddy’.  


Tomorrow night I am heading off to France.  For a whole week of camping fun with the boys brigade and four girls that are apart of girls brigade.  Though it doesn’t really seem like true camping, since we get beds.  I don’t know but it makes life easier.  Towards the end of the week we’ll be heading to EuroDisney, that is making me quite chuffed about that.  Hello Mickey Mouse!!!

It’s going to be an insane last couple weeks for me.  I can’t believe I am saying weeks already.  Blows my mind how fast this year has went.  It will be good to see everyone back home, though I am sad to be leaving so soon. 


I’ve decided to have a goal for this time next year, which is to have either run in a marthon or running in one very soon.  I’ve started up my running again, I really do love it.  I sound like a dying horse (not that I know what it sounds like..but that’s what I always say) when I run, but it always makes me feel better. 


Yesterday was a sad day for me.  I played tennis with Rich.  I let my country down.  But for England it was a historical event…an Englishman actually beating an American in tennis. 

 I told him we are having a rematch before I leave, now that I know how bad I have become.  Though the good outcome was I have a lovely war wound from the game.  My knee is quite nicely banged up from sliding accidentally after it stopped raining.  I need new trainers,  both of the ones I have are just not shoe worthy anymore.    That’s my other excuse, bad trainers=bad playing.  haha 🙂


I’m just a sore loser.



It was the week of goodbyes for me. 


I hate goodbyes.


It’s been such a hard week. 


I had to let my year 7’s go.  Officially on Friday, it was my last day at Hadden Park.   So during lunch time I was by myself so club didn’t happen, instead I stayed out with all the year 7’s,  had arm wrestling competitions and talked to everyone that was there.  It was lovely, but tough.  At one point one of the boys that I love to talk with said ‘See ya later Erin.’ and I replied back with ‘See ya’ and it hit me, I’m not going to see him later,  I’m not going to have my conversations with him like I normally do.  That gave me a good punch in the stomach and quite the upset. 

On Monday-Wednesday I was in South Acton for our End of Year Bash.  For part of the last day we wrote down the young people it was going to be hard to let go.  I wrote practically all my year 7’s down.  But as much as I claim them as mine they really are God’s.  I know that He’ll bring along someone who will love them almost as much as I do.  


But I don’t want to leave.  I don’t want to let them go.     


I wrote a song last year about change, about saying goodbye to that routine…that to say I was sad would be a lie.

I could write a completely opposite song to that now, cause I’m saying goodbye but to say I was sad would be the truth this time.   I’m not to especially fond of change at this moment.

I get way too attached. 

I guess I just have to think that instead of saying goodbye I’m saying hello.  That even though this chapter is coming to end, I’m beginning a new chapter.  Starting over once more, taking a further step so that God can work in and through my life. 

But this next step is literally breaking my heart to leave.