Who has not sat before his own heart’s curtain? It lifts: and the scenery is falling apart.

This time last year I was in England, for my first full day.  Two weeks ago I was saying goodbye.  Today I am reminiscing.


I would like to  say that re-entry is as easy as pie….but that would be like me saying the latest i-pod to come out on the market is cheap as chips.

Why am I using food idioms?   I’m kind of hungry.


Everyone wants me to tell them everything about my year.   It’s crazy, how can I sum up a whole year in just a few minutes?   How do I convey just what the people I met, worked with, and grew to love so much mean to me?  They impacted my life and became my second family.   How do I vividly tell the stories of my boys and girls,  so that they can see through my eyes just how much growth and change I saw and how my heart broke so many times for them?  No words can really describe those things.    I wish I was like a robot and with a touch of a button I could project every single conversation out so everyone could hear it and see it,  not only that but feel it.      


Not to say I’m not happy to recount all my adventures cause I am, I just feel like everytime I do I just can’t do it justice.  


I miss my England and all that comes with it a lot, and at the moment the subject line which is a quote by Rainer Maria Rilke describes myself quite accurately.


Skip, Hop, and a Jump

I’m home. 


more to come later

Heeeeeyyyyy Heeeyyy Llama, OOH AHH, I want to know if you’ll live in my zoo!

This was officially my last week and I must admit…it closed with a blast.  At 11 pm  Emily, Chantelle, and I headed to the Pearson Centre to wait impatiently for the coach to arrive to take us to our lovely destination Hauteville Ser Mer to where we had our lovely camping grounds with Acorn Adventures.  At about 3:30 am we departed for Portsmouth to catch the ferry to France.  And after a long drive and a million movies we arrived at the camp grounds with very enthusiastic camp staff greeting us. 


They made us sing songs.


It was a brilliant week!  I kayaked, did bush craft, fenced, archery, high ropes, rock climbing, and raft building.    I didn’t excel at everything but I tried it all and had a good laugh.  Kayaking I fell in twice, only at the end when I had to get out of the kayak and eskimo kiss the front of mine, and then stand up.  Both times I was ambushed by some of the boys.  Bush craft, unfortunately the girls and I were very much aware of our lack of skill in the making a tent from bare essentials ‘Gilligan’s Island’ worthy it was not.  Fencing I found that if ever I wanted to pick up the sport I should find a jacket that fits and doesn’t suck the life out of me.  Archery…now that was a hoot.  Mark (the instructor) I think had a great time of laughing at my attempts.  Now I hit the board a couple of times, but I also had more fly over the back netting then what I should have done.  In one of the games we did, he said if I could actually get the arrow on the target board my team would get five points.  haha guess who got five points.  The other one we played was the supper game to which wherever the arrow landed on the target determined what you would use to eat your dinner with.  I ended up with a sock and knife.  I could have done worse, two socks.   High ropes and Rock Climbing, these were the two that made me realize I need to loose more weight! HAHA  The harness was on sooo tight it makes everything just overflow, lol.  These were my favourites though.  High Ropes you got to jump from reaaally high places, and fly.   Rock Climbing I climbed to the top of all three challenges…which I was proud of because not all of the boys could do it. woot woot! Raft building was a hoot….just imagine 16 grown people trying to fit all on one raft.  Unfolded hysteria, laughter, and many wipe outs. 

The God Squad (Em, Chan and I)  led devotions every night which I enjoyed immensely and we got only positive feedback from it which I’m very happy about. 


As I look back on the week, I had just absolutely loved getting to hang out with the boys, learning all their names, all their little quirks, and making them laugh, and just talking with them.  It was a brilliant time, and I’m going to miss hearing Stevie and Gaz call me Eeeerrrrroonnnaa!  

The camp staff were absolutely hilarious.  I really enjoyed getting to know and talk to all of them.   I became known as the trouble maker to them…well at least that is what Fraser called me…and Yankee was the other one by Rich. 


But it’s true… I did get into mischief.


For some reason one night Emily snapped,  I don’t remember what I said..but it must have been a good one..cause she threw me off my bed, and then put the mattress on top of me..  I was stuck, but laughing so hard.  Chantelle was just sitting there, watching, and laughing.  After we composed ourselves, I continued to work on my journal, and soon saw my opportunity of revenge…to which I whipped Em off her bed, and then threw the mattress out the tent. ahahaha brilliance is my middle name.


Then on the last night Emily dared me to run around the camp without getting caught.  SO I accepted the challenge.  We unzipped the tent a wee bit and I crawled out and as I got to the side of the tent, the torch was shown on me…and I quickly ran behind one of the boys tents…while laughing.  I had to use my super ninja skills to quickly run back behind our tent and I could hear Emily and Chantelle laughing.  I was whisper shouting ‘Girls, I got caught, I got caught, I can’t get back in!’  and started to laugh really hard.  I ran to the side of the tent with the torch light still shining in the area ( I felt like a convict trying to escape) and I got on my back, lifted the side of the tent on and shimmied underneath and ended up under Emily’s bed.  She didn’t realize I had done that and so all three of us were laughing hysterically and I was still whispering..then she sat down…and about took the air out of me, and realized that I was underneath her bed.  To which made us laugh even harder, to the point I was laughing, crying, and snorting so hard I could barely breathe. 


It resulted in having table duty the next morning as my punishment, wiping down all the tables.   hehe


On Saturday we went to Disneyland Paris!!   Oh my goodness, that was amazing.  I loved it!  But by the end of the day my feet were killing me sooo much.  I really wanted a picture with donald duck, but we couldn’ t find him.  My heart was broken.  We also watched the parade and fireworks.  I took a ton of pictures, and just absolutely enjoyed getting to ride rides with the boys, and acting silly and pushing children away so we could get pictures with the characters. 


Okay, okay i didn’t push any children away…but if I had finally found Donald Duck, all those children would have seen a different side to me. 


Our coach drivers were awesome by the way. 

Songs of the week:  ‘Ooooohhh don’t give me no pop no pop, don’t give me no tea no tea, just give me that milk. moo moo moo moo moo’


‘Heeeeyyyyy Heeyy Llama, OOH AHH I want to know if you’ll live in my zoo.’  with accompanying hand waving and bobbing of the head


Quotes of the week: ‘What’s the average size of a butt cheek?’

‘Mitch, do you think I’d be a good nun?’

‘No Erin, you are too immature.’



‘Totally for sure, I just got a manicure!’