I use to dream that I could fly.  That if I thought long enough on happy thoughts, my feet would lift off the ground.  I use to look for fairies underneath flowers, and loved to catch lightning bugs because they were the closest thing that I could find to a fairy.  Whenever I walked into the woods I would close my eyes and breath in the smell, and pretend that there were elves hiding  just around the corner.   I use to walk to find the end of the rainbow, so that the pot of gold would be mine.  Sometimes when the happy thoughts didn’t work, I would take an umbrella and jump out of the trees. 


Make-believe worlds are amazing because you can be anything you want to be, and do whatever you want.   Dreams don’t seem impossible when you are young, because there is no grey area.  It always seems to be more complicated when you are a grown-up, there are more strings attached.  I use to swing so high and with no fears or doubts I’d  jump off at the highest point.  I was ready to fly.  Looking back it’s a miracle I never killed myself doing that.    


Sometimes I’d lay on the ground and just look up into the sky and watch the clouds.  I use to imagine that I could fly up and lay on the clouds and eat them like cotton candy.  I imagined a castle in the sky, like Jack in the Beanstalk, a whole new land to explore.  Stories waiting to unfold.   I use to lay on the grass with dew falling all around, looking up at the stars.  Connecting them to make an image, or wondering who else was looking at that same star as I was. 


Now I’m in a world that any decision could build up a dream or tear it down.  Where I can fly to another land, or jump out of a plane.   To explore new areas, or grow in what I believe.  To learn new ideas and cultures.  Where fairies turn into all the possibilities of where my life will go. 


I’m ready to fly.





simply beautiful

I seem to say this a lot, but time is moving so quickly.  

I love autumn.  I love how the air becomes chilly, and the leaves turn colour and fall to the ground.  I love the feeling of going outside and raking up the leaves into a huge pile. Or the crunch of the leaves underneath your feet as you walk on them, I love that noise.   I love the smoke that you can smell in the air, knowing that somewhere in town someone has  bonfire blazing.  Or walking into the house and you can smell cookies baking, or something  warm and inviting welcoming you in, I love that.  I love the feeling  you get when you have a nice warm cup of coffee or tea and it just warms you on the inside, or when you make homemade soup and bread.  I love snuggling under a blanket to get warm and reading a book.  All those little things make me smile.  All those things I love.

There’s a mother and daughter who come into the store every once in a while every week.  The daughter has down syndrome and the mother is absolutely lovely.  Everytime I see them come into the store I just smile, because the love that they have for each other is apparent and they are just so lovely.   The daughter I’ll always give her a smile and in response her face just lights up and she grins from ear to ear, a genuine, pure smile.  One that can’t be faked or forced.  A smile that could light a up room because it’s that beautiful.

Another man comes into the store and he always has a bit of a stern look to him.  Once in a while he’ll come back to the deli and ask gruffly for some meat.  I’ll gladly wait on him, just to get him to smile.  Cause when he smiles his whole face crinkles up, and a bashful look overcomes him.  But when he does smile it is lovely, but you have to capture it in your head cause once he leaves the counter he returns to his stern look. 

I love when people smile.  I love seeing people happy and carefree, genuinely enjoying life or some moment that just made them forget their troubles for that little bit of time.  I love the feeling you get when you can get someone to smile, or laugh.  The joy it brings. 

Cause when you genuinely smile, you aren’t thinking about your worries, or what’s happening….all you can feel is joy or happiness. 

It just makes that moment simply beautiful.