Black and White

Sometimes I miss the innocence of being young.  When you say statements and you don’t really think about the different meanings it could have.   When you give gifts and there doesn’t have to be a second meaning behind them.   When everything is in black and white. 

My friend was watching BBC America World News today.  He came to realisation that the world is messed up.  I would agree with him.  There’s a lot out there that happens that is so unfair and unjust.   The corruption, the scandals, the hatred, the murder, the politics, there is a lot out there that just does not seem to have any scruples to it.   The world is definately messed up.  

I was talking with another friend about how it is so easy to grasp onto the bad stuff that happens.  To have our sole focus only on the horrid thoughts and things that happen in our lives.  We forget about the good, the little things that make our day happy.  The certain people who can walk into the room and bring a huge smile to your face, and they didn’t even have to say a thing.  Chocolate, coffee, cheesecake.   

I think about Mother Teresa and what she gave up to help the ‘Untouchables’.  I think about the young people I had the privilege of working with in the past year, of all the stories that each one of them had..whether it was good or whether it was bad.  I think about people who go out and give a year of their lives to work with those young people, who others wouldn’t want to work with.   The millions of people who at some point help a complete stranger in their time of need, of the simple smile you can get from someone in passing. 

Yeah there’s a lot to this world that can be messed up.  But there is a lot of good that happens, and I’d rather spend my time coming up with ways of making this world a better place then just sitting by only hearing about the bad.  I want to be an advocate for the good.