Strawberry Swing

I thought it was time for a few of my favourite things once again.  Sometimes it’s so easy to be sucked into the bad moments that we forget about the good that is all around.  Lately I’ve been trying to see the good, especially when the bad seems to be so near.   So I’m going to remind myself what it is that is good and just some of my favourite things.

1.)  I love running outside especially in the spring when the robins are out and there always seems to be a handful of them at the track when I go.  I love how it relieves stress that builds up and when I’m angry I can pound it out on the gravel instead of on someone. 🙂 


2.)  Cadbury Cream Eggs. Does there need to be an explanation?


3.)  Coffee, you knew it had to be in here at some point!  Coffee is my comfort drink.  I remember my mum drinking it in the mornings, the smell traveling upstairs, knowing that she was up.  Coffee brings the start of a new day to me, where I make the choice whether it’s going to be a good day, or it’s going to be a bad day.  Most of the time it starts out as a good day!


4.)   Writing letters.  It’s one of my favourite pass times, where I can reflect on things that have happened…but there is just something wonderful about getting a letter in the mail, where it’s not a bill or ads.  Someone took the time to write to you, and that means they care.   That is pretty cool. 

5.)   My Family.


gentle tapping

I love rain.  I love the smell of it when it touches the grass.  Especially in the summer time.  I love the feeling of being home during a storm, with the lightning flashing and the thunder crashing.   I love how during a storm you can see the power of nature.  That as much as we try to put nature in a box and have an answer for every little thing, it continues to amaze and show us just how powerful it is. 

I love the memories that come with rain.  Being together during a storm, jumping in puddles, running out to see how wet one can get during a downpour.   Running to Sunday’s Market for dad’s newspaper and standing on top of the vent to feel the warm air.   Getting icecream after a rain shower, and seeing a rainbow remembering God’s promise to us.    Of Dad giving me a frightened/laughing pose as we waited through a Tornado warning.  I love the countless days where I would sit with a book and cup of tea, with the beautiful sound of rain hitting the windows.  The gentle tapping it creates.  

Many people think it’s dreary.   But quite frankly  I think it’s beautiful.   

through the looking glass

I’ve been sitting here day after day trying to write.  No words can really express my heart at the moment.   There is a hole, a dad-shaped hole.
I’ve fallen in love with Ludovico Einaudi, if there was any music that could describe my heart right now….his pieces ‘Eros’  and ‘Reverie’ would describe mine perfectly.  Music is just what I need at the moment.
calming, beautiful…..
Even though there is a dad-shaped hole, God is here.
Peace, love…
this heart may ache
but He is here.