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Searching for  purpose in my life. 

Young, almost fit, brunette, glasses, loves chocolate, and can be kind of crazy at times. 

Long walks on the beach is a must!

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Don’t you sometimes wish that having a sense of purpose just came along and grabbed your attention right when you were a baby?  That you knew exactly what you were created for, exactly what you are suppose to do in this life?


I do.  I have a dilemna, I thought I knew what I was going to school for.  But apparently it has changed plus there are so many things that I want to do in this life, it’s not just a single…I want to be a teacher.  No I want to:

1.) Own a bakery/coffee shop with Rachel

2.) Work in a winery some time

3.) Work in orphanages all over the world

4.) Volunteer with the Peace Corps

5.)  Work in a museum

6.) Library


The list could go on and on really. 


But don’t get me wrong.  I have a purpose, I have a theme to my life really.  What I know is that I want to show people what God showed me.  You may screw up pretty badly, but His love conquers that…nothing you can do can make Him love you any less.   He shows me and reminds of that daily. 

I was telling my friend Rachel how one of the delivery guys came in today, earlier during the week I had been telling my sister how much I missed him and another delivery guy.  Him showing up brought a smile to my life.  I decided right then and there that I want to be like that for someone, where just showing up brings a smile.  Just having a smile on my face (even when i don’t feel like it) brings a bit of much needed joy to someones life.


So how does someone find a sense of purpose for their life?  When everything that they once knew is no more.

I don’t know.  I guess it’s just rediscovering your passions, rediscovering who you are in Christ, and the gifts He has given you.


But one thing I do know is we all have a purpose….whether we know it…or not.




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