Apples and Bananas

I’ve officially completed my first day of classes.   I woke up at 6:25 am, got ready, and headed off for breakfast.   There weren’t a whole lot of people in the marketplace at 7:15 am.  It was nice though, I sat with a boy named Justin, whom I probably won’t really remember what he looks like if I saw him again, it was kind of too early for the facial memory to kick in.   Then my buddy Austin joined us later, and as he started to eat he soon realised his error.   Apparently he had weight lifting afterwards, and he started to groan that what he ate may have been a bad idea.   Just watching his face made me in pain, haha!

So far it’s been wonderful, I really enjoyed meeting all my professors today, and tomorrow I have a meeting about becoming an English tutor, so fingers-crossed that goes well!   I also will be having a couple meetings that I’ll be attending about getting involved in the jazz-tet.  I think it sounds like a lot of fun, and from what I have heard and seen Professor Murray is awesome!  So hopefully that will be something that could be a real possibility. 

I’m super excited about all my classes though, the professors just seemed really excited about what they will be teaching us, and that always adds a nice element to the learning process.    Seriously who wants to learn something if the professors aren’t excited about teaching it!?  

God is definately teaching me new things. Somethings I am re-learning, but I know that He has me here for a reason..and I can already see opportunities that are popping up. 

I have Dad’s picture by my laptop on my desk, and I know that he’d be proud of this step.  I just wish I could call home and tell him about the day like I did in England.  It feels weird being away from home and knowing he isn’t there.


How it ends…..

I find it funny when I’m reading  I’ll skip to the last chapter to see how the ending of the story will turn out.   I only do it for certain books though, it’s kind of strange normally it’s just the ones where I’m not sure whether or not the ending will be happy.   Of course even if the ending isn’t a happy one I still will read the book and then grumble at the end maybe even mope around for the remainder of the day.  Such is the life of Erin’s reading moods.   I find a lot of people will do that,  what is it that makes us want to know how the story ends?   Why can’t we be content with just reading through till the very end without skipping ahead.  

This past week I had the privilege of going with my youthgroup kiddos to Philadelphia with three other adults.   We were stretched, challenged, completely out of our comfort zone, and loved every minute of it.    My heart broke on a couple of occasions as I saw some of the situations that the people we were serving lived in.  

I was working on a profile sketch for one of the boys that I became friends with at the kids club we were attending for three days.  He saw the other sketch I did of one of the girls in his class and was like ‘Erin can you do one of me?!”  Of course I not really thinking about how much more time I would have to work on it said ‘SURE!’  so we go ahead with the base of the sketch, I get his figure down, and mutilate his hands in the sketch (don’t worry I fixed it by the end…lol)  I got so into the drawing that I wasn’t paying attention to the time, so much so that the tables got switched around and two of my youthgroup kids had to retrieve me from my fun.   I told Na’zir that the drawing would have to wait until the next day and we’d finish it up with him in the same pose. 

The next day arrives and I floated around seeing all the kids I got to know during the week and waited for Na’zir’s class to get done swimming.  Well they have a long swimming sessions so I decided that I would just go down and start working on his shirt, arms and hands..and then while in class I would just have to work on his facial features.   I sit down on the bench and notice one of the teachers sitting by herself so I started up a conversation with her.  We talked about how long she’s been involved with the club and how she knows every single kid by name.  Very impressive with how many kids attend.  And then she shared with me how she was struggling at the moment, but how these kids really make her smile.  I continued to find out that her mum died a month ago, and right then and there my eyes just filled up.   My heart broke for her because after six months my heart still breaks every day, and I know exactly what she is feeling.   Her eyes started to fill up with tears and I asked if I could pray for her, so right then and there I did.   It was one of the hardest prayers I have ever had to pray only because I was barely making it through the tears and everything I was praying for her, I was also praying for myself.    I know that God put me there for a reason for normally I was in the other classroom during that time and only by chance did I decide to work on the drawing down there.   I continue to pray for her, for her heart, for that hole I know all to well, and that she’ll continue to rely on God through out the next months. 

I met another lady who lost everything she had because of her addiction to crack.  Her life was almost ‘perfect’, she had a government job, a house, a car, and then she met someone who turned her life into hell.   She said when you are so addicted like she was,  thirty days trying to get off was equal to one day.   I listened to her story and the whole time I kept thinking ‘God why?’  How could she have chosen that path, and I wanted to so badly to fastforward to see how her life will end.  At the moment she is off crack, but she is looking for housing, she’s been homeless, lived in empty houses, and now she’s at the place where we volunteered for the afternoon.  My heart hurt so much for her and I wanted to take out a wand and just give her that house she wants.  I asked if I could pray for her and she said ‘Baby girl I would love for you to pray for me,  I can use all the prayers I can get.’  So out on the street we prayed, everyone around became quiet and respected what we were doing and I prayed that God would bless her as much as the story she told me blessed me in every single way.   I prayed that no matter what she goes through next that she’ll continue to rely on God and know that He is her strong tower.  

There are certain stories in life that I would love to see how the ending will happen.  These two particular ladies really touched my heart and certainly I will probably never see them again on earth.  I do know that one day I will see them in heaven.   Their stories I wish I had a fast forward button to push.   There’s a reason why God didn’t give us that application to use in our lives.  One day maybe I’ll get to see where their lives went after I met them but for now what I can do is pray and live the story of my life day by day.     We all have a story we are living, sometimes we’d like to fast forward, other times we’d like to rewind…but what I’ve learned from this past week  is that the daily choices we make will affect how each page turns.  As much as we’d like to flip ahead to the end, the only way we’ll get there is living day by day, and each choice we make affects that storybook ending we all want.

Jabs, Pokes and Pesto

Today I got the results of my TB test.  Clear.  I got jabbed in the arm for a menigitis shot.  youch.  I also picked up a microwave.  yeeesssss.  One more step closer to culinary freedom.    I ate some Foccacia Bread, with a bit of pesto sauce on top.  Yumminess in my tummy.

I also got whistled at in Wal-mart.  What can I say my knuckle busters t-shirt must be a hit! hahaha!!  Nope, sadly it was just one of my youthgroup girls…funny part was she was whistling at her mum and then saw me!   So even when I think I’m getting whistled at, it really isn’t happening. It’s okay, my ego needed to be deflated anyways.  Slowly.

I am in a peckish mood.  Food sounds wonderful all around, and this is what happens when Erin skips breakfast.  She gets peckish and eats anything that is in front of her, except for the donuts.  I just don’t like donuts, and on the counter there is a whole box of them waiting to be taken to work tomorrow. 

I have four days till I leave with the youthgroup to Philadelphia.  Five days till my birthday..and about two and half weeks before I move in to Anderson.  It’s CRAZY!!

I’m not feeling exactly one hundred percent though.  I’m hoping I’m not coming down with anything, cause that would be disasterous. 

the end.   I’m sure my writing skills will be back to somewhat normal when I am not tired, feeling a bit better, and have a life. 🙂