dear somebody.

Dear Somebody,

Have you ever blessed beyond belief?  Where your heart can be sad one moment, and then bursting full of joy the next?  I walked through tears on Monday, and then my heart filled with joy and laughter today.  The dear Sonshine Class singing their hearts out always brings a smile to my face.   

There is something about a letter, that when you are in the midst of writing one, the addressee feels like they are there right with you.   That no matter how far away the person is, or how long it has been since you have seen them last, the friendship is still alive and dear as ever.  Of course, it still does not account for the longing to have your friend right next to you, talking naturally face to face. 

A letter can open emotions that have been brewing, or funny stories that have been waiting to be told, knowing that the recipient will understand or appreciate.  It can be opened and revisited more then once.   A letter can heal, or it can hurt.  It can revisit the past.   

A letter gives a person the chance to express vividly what they experienced.  ‘Walking through the park’ could be turned into, ‘Today I walked through the park, the dampness of the grass glistened as the sun’s rays gently touched the ground, and as I looked up into the sky, the clouds looked like huge marshmallows just sitting there waiting to be eaten.’

A letter is a window that gives a peak into what the heart is truly like. 

 And then there are letters that will never make it to the recipient.  The important days captured on paper, just so that you can feel they have been a part of the specialness that was experienced.  

  So somebody, why am I writing this?  Because I have written so manyletters recently? Or maybe, I am to the point where I wish my friends were sitting across from me, drinking coffee, like so many times before.  However, that may not happen anytime soon, so I will be content, until the day comes where the letter finally is the real person sitting in front of me



And the letters that won’t be read?  Deep down, I know he was there as I was writing them, grinning, crying, and cheering me on.

love and many smiles,



Happy Father’s day daddy