Sweet Sentiment

There have been countless times when I have been asked why I love England so much.  There have been countless faces made at me in which people can not understand why I would want to exchange my life in America for one overseas. Insensitive remarks and sometimes even ignorant comments have been thrown my way.  It is such a shame because people do not know what they are missing until they have a chance to travel abroad and experience the treasures I have found on my journeys.

One of the reasons that I love England so much is the people.  I have created friendships and family here that I would never trade.  I have made memories that will last a lifetime.  I have made England my home away from home, where every turn is familiar even after a three year hiatus.  It is comfortable to me like a worn pair of slippers, and it does hurt to think that in a weeks time I’ll have to say goodbye once again.  Already, I am starting to tear up to think I am saying goodbye to a few people I love dearly tomorrow.

But it’s okay, it really is this time.  Last time I had no idea why I had to go home, I just knew deep down that was what I was suppose to do.  Who knew that in six months time my dad would die. Only God did.  One thing that I learned during my reverse culture-shock is that time is too precious to waste and regret one’s actions later on.  So I’m going to treasure these moments, and I am going to press on towards that goal of finishing school so that when I do make the transition overseas it will be done swiftly!

I thoroughly enjoyed being apart of the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  It has been spectacular and really moving at how much love is shown towards her.  The festivities at church were brilliant, and Margaret and I have enjoyed watching the television with all the happenings in London.  I only teared up once or twice at the patriotism, but the special music done by the children’s choir at St. Paul’s Cathedral absolutely moved me to tears.

 Lord of wisdom, Lord of truth, Lord of justice, Lord of mercy.  Walk besides us down the years till we see you in glory.  A beautiful prayer that I have taken to heart.