The Zesty Lemon Introduction

Let’s face it, I’ve been horrid once again at updating the blog.  However, two posts in one month is an improvement from one post every three, right?  I thought so.


Our house has been called The Lemon Peel for a long time, in fact, just mention the name to locals and typically they know which house you are speaking about.  Sadly, our landlord improved the outside a wee bit and put up new siding. So no longer is it peeling.  We decided to keep the original name, but I like to think of the house as the Zesty Lemon.


I have five beautiful roommates (seven when we count Cody and Collin).  All unique and beautiful in their own way.  Hope and Natalie are tied for the role of Jesus in the house.  Courtney is the Queen of “I Don’t Hate It”.  Mallory likes to fatten us up with her baking (Hanzel and Gretyl anyone?).  And Jen?  Well Jen loves hugs and love, she’s like the puppy in the group.  We like watching Friends, How I Met Your Mother, movies, eating, playing Bang, dressing up and taking pictures in front of other people’s house, watching the neighbors, working on homework in the porch and genuinely hanging out with each other.  Oh yes and did I mention that all of us love coffee? (except Hope..she’s the oddball)


If I were to explain everyone in four words:

Jen: caring, harmony, love, emotionally abusive, she loves group hugs especially when she wakes up with pancakes on her face.

Hope: go-getter, easy-going, family oriented, quessadilla addict, by the grace of God she’ll graduate next year.

Natalie: dance-aholic, Jesus, compassionate, late, she’s way too nice for her own good but that’s why we love her.

Courtney: hard-working, organized, loving, pistol, her weakness is saying yes to all of our food suggestions

Mallory: fire-cracker, soft-hearted, abusive, she also likes to dress in period costumes


Okay so that basically sums up the introduction to my roommates.  Our honorary roomies Cody and Collin are special in their own ways.  Collin loves acting and sitting on our front porch whilst yawning and making his presence known to obnoxious men who walk by the house.  Cody likes banging his head on the door frame going into our bathroom along with dwelling in the basement, he takes his coffee with milk and sugar.  Frequent guests include Tay Tay, Nora-bell, Brooke, Tim, Jordan, Justin (when he shows up), and Willis.


We also like to pretend we are the Spice Girls…and I like to pretend I’m Coolio or Fergie, mainly Coolio because Gangsta’s Paradise is brilliant.


We have a fantastic mix….I don’t hate it.


The Lemon Peel

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes 

I have been fortunate to consider many different countries home.  I do not like to consider myself as a wandering soul because I really do enjoy having a stomping ground, but God has given me a traveling heart and it turns out my travels turn out longer then most.

So I can say that Samara, Long Eaton, Ohio, and dare I say Indiana have become essential places to my personal story.  The quote above rings true.  These places are not just another pin on the map, these are places where I have family, these are places where I love and a part of my heart will always stay.  That’s why I go back and will keep going back because these are places that I have experienced genuine love.

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

~Mother Teresa

I have a new home this year called “The Lemon Peel”, it use to be yellow house that was peeling, however our landlord put up new siding.  For the past three or four weeks now I’ve been back in Anderson cleaning house, training for my peer mentor job position, and finally starting up classes.  The boys that lived in the house before us did not do the best job in upkeep when it came to cleaning, so there was a lot of work.  However, I have come to love this unique house with all it’s quirks.

I have also come to love my housemates.   I do not know how each year I have lucked out with awesome people to live with, but I seem to be on to something.  Someone asked me today if I was as lucky in the lottery, I told him no, otherwise tuition would be covered!  So far we have made many memories.  Painting,  Goodwill drop offs with a truck loaded precariously, Sno-Castle/Dairy Queen celebration runs, Bang nights, Shelob the Spider, Trash Night, Movie Nights, and cooking supper.   Seriously already so many memories that I will treasure.  I know this year will be stressful but it will be a great year.

Stay tuned for many Lemon Peel stories to come.  🙂