A Short Synopsis of My Life


Online Classes.


That describes my summer in a nutshell.  Wait, did I just type summer?  I don’t even know what defines summer anymore.

So once Springs classes ended, I started up Summer classes.  Once Summer classes started up, for some reason, coffee did not taste delicious to me anymore.  WHAT IS THAT?!?   I don’t comprehend a life without coffee and suddenly it just so happens that I lose my taste for it.

As you can tell my world was turned upside down.  So naturally I turned to chai.  I’ve always loved chai tea; seriously, I can drink multitudes of it and never get sick of it.  So that is what I did.  I drank chai every day.

Let’s see what else happened?

Sadly, I did not have any random date proposals at McDonalds this year while I worked on homework.

Oh I bent the oven rack at work, you know, those industrial, rotating convection ovens.  Oh yes and I also punched a hole into a huge metal baking pan.  WHO DOES THAT?!?!  Apparently I do.

What else?  Oh, I slipped and threw a whole pan of mashed potatoes onto the glass doors of the hot case at work.  It reminded me of the wonderful time I had in the Moscow airport.  I didn’t fry anything this year that wasn’t suppose to be fried, that’s a good thing.  However, I did drop a whole pan of macaroni and cheese inside the oven and then had to climb into the oven to dig it out.  Hanzel and Gretyl anyone?

Oh yeah and then Tay and I had to tackle the Lemon Peel nature preserve.  A month’s worth of growth leads to a full day’s work of breaking weed whackers.

I grew my first jalapeno peppers this year.  HOW DID I DO THAT?!?! Normally, I kill everything I plant.  Though I am impressed with my rosemary and basil.  They are still alive… barely.

Oh good news.  I didn’t get chased by any dogs this year.  Normally I have at least 2 dogs that go after me on my runs.

What else?  Oh I met some random guys that my friends met randomly on a movie set.  That was an experience in itself.  I’ve never giggled as much on the inside as I did during that day.  On the plus side I got to experience the Indy Art Museum for the first time and we had a fun drive guessing which direction was Carmel until the GPS started to work.

I accidentally made my mum’s car alarm go off while sitting inside it.  I couldn’t do anything to shut if off and for some reason when mum hit the button it wouldn’t shut off either.  So some random guy from Illinois saw me laughing hysterically on the inside as my mum was in a panic on the outside.  Needless to say, he was laughing with me.

I had a 60 year old customer ask me if my coworker was smoking some Wacky Backy.   I’ve never been as astonished in my life and it was the first time that I outright laid my head on the counter and started laughing.

OH WAIT! I did have an awkward experience this summer!!!  Some random older gentleman (when I say older gentleman, don’t think cute.  Think strange.)  came up to my friend and I telling us we were too pretty to fill our cars.  He also stood really close to me and wouldn’t take no for answer until we told him for certain we could do it.   He then rode off into the distance on his bike.

I accidentally threw a cake (it was a tripping moment) in the air and hand planted to catch it.  Not my finest moment. It was my first impressionist cake.  I also may have cried.  Makes for a great story though.

Last but not certainly least.  I love dancing to Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual.” Yes, I dance like Carlton.  It’s great exercise, almost as great prancerize.