Four Year Later

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This post is not a normal Erin post.  It is a post that is filled with snippets from past posts.  Although I would love to write about every single experience from my past four years at AU, I cannot; otherwise, I’d be writing for days.


December of 2009, I received my acceptance letter to Anderson University.  January of 2009, I wrote this:

What I do know is that I have had such a wonderful time with all I did and experienced last year, that I would want to recreate it once again. But the thing that I have learned is that you can never recreate an experience….because life always throws you something new.   I’m ready for a new adventure, whether that is being a freshman in uni….or galavanting somewhere entirely different.  I’m ready for some new memories that 2010 will bring, and I’m quite excited for them.


February of 2010, we lost dad.

I never knew how much my heart was going to break at the beginning of 2010.  It was a heart that was already extremely heavy from having to leave a country it wasn’t ready to say goodbye to yet.  However, nothing could have prepared my heart for the darkest days ahead.  When I spoke at dad’s memorial service, I talked about how MS had brought about many unseen blessings.  How I would cherish the memories we created as a family walking alongside and supporting dad through his difficult journey.  I remember standing up on the stage and thinking to myself, “He can’t be gone, how am I suppose to keep going without him cheering me on? How am I going to survive AU?”  I almost lost all composure at that moment; although, I knew Uncle Ace had my back if I needed him to step in for me.


August of 2010, I began a new adventure at Anderson University.

I met my forever roommate, Hope.  Who knew that Jen, my freshman RA, would become one of my dearest friends.  I met my dear friend Justin, the boy that walked five times around Hartung hallway with me looking for a room that didn’t exist because we were in the wrong building. I fell in love with all my classes.  I began my adventure in education and met a boy named Cody who would become one of my best friends.  I started volunteering at ASF and cemented some wonderful forever friendships and memories.  Officially, my rapscallion kids captured my heart.


August of 2011, I began my second year at Anderson University.

I became a student leader and led my first peer mentor group.  I was sick for the first three months it seemed, and during that time we lost Grandmum.  I was granted 5 days to sit beside Grandmum and say goodbye.  The night I received the phone call, my dear girls sat on my bed, crying and laughing with me.  Hope, Cody, and I began a tradition of going to a poetry night.  Those Thursday nights brought priceless memories of sick harmonies and cats screeching.  Room 400 became the center of study and countless nights talking about the future.  It witnessed my sheer joy at purchasing plane tickets to head back to England. It also witnessed my roommates dressing up like cats and mermaids.


August of 2012, I began my third year at Anderson University.

So I can say that Samara, Long Eaton, Ohio, and dare I say Indiana have become essential places to my personal story.  The quote above rings true.  These places are not just another pin on the map, these are places where I have family, these are places where I love and a part of my heart will always stay.  That’s why I go back and will keep going back because these are places that I have experienced genuine love.

I began my second year as a student leader, helping another great group of freshman through their first year.  This was the year of the Lemon Peel.  I cringe and laugh thinking about the countless hours Jen and I cleaned the house, and mum scrubbed the bathroom like no one’s business.  This was the year that the Mayflower Project was formed.  The year that I created friendships I will forever cherish.


August of 2013, I entered into my fourth and final year at Anderson University.

I remained at the Lemon Peel with a new batch of housemates, all equally lovely and whom I have created forever friendships. This was the year of doubt.  Another year of heartbreaking goodbyes.  However, it was a year to live courageously through the hardships.  I fell in love with my students and God answered my prayers by bringing me joy each day.  I remember during my first education class wondering if I was really cut out to be a teacher and now I know that I am.  However, it isn’t in the traditional sense that we normally acknowledge.  As I climbed the stairs to shake President Edward’s hand and accept my diploma,  I hoped that dad was able to watch that moment.  There is something comforting about imagining your family cheering you on from heaven.  I was thankful to have mum and Jane there cheering me on, and for the friends who came to support us.



April of 2008 I wrote:

    I love the fact that when sadness comes and starts to seep into my day I can go lose myself in God.   He is my ultimate comfort.   And I love how Rilke says perhaps you have undergone changes through this sadness.   YES!   Through every one I have changed, I have grown, and I have survived.   As I was running, I kept thinking how it was just like my life.   How each house I passed is a different story, whether run down or beautifully built they represent a different chapter of my life.   Sometimes it’s scary to start a new chapter, to get out of the comfort zone, to leave the familiar, and then I remember all the other chapters of my life when I did and think “Oh boy, what will God do next?”