Laughter, joy’s best friend.

Me: “If zombies were to attack, would you be ready?”
Student: “Huh?”
Me: “Listen, there are those who are ready and those who are zombie meat. Which do you want to be? ”
Student: “ummmm…ready?”
Me: “Correct answer, young grasshopper.”

I always dreamed about being the first black president.  However, since that is no longer possible. My dream is to be the first good black president.

I was attacked by a hobo in the hallway.  That is why I was late.

Can I use a baby’s head to smash open the plane window?

(my response) No!! Babies are humans, not weapons.

You are the best Miss E. I am not just saying that to try to help convince you to not give us vocabulary next week.

Miss E!! Come dance the ney ney with us!!

I think my handwriting is sexy!

Ooooohhh, can we make a running list of every time you fail?!

How do I express the amount of laughter that fills my life each day while I am at school?  I once heard a quote that said, “a laugh is a smile that bursts.”   Seriously, how perfect is that!    I can’t always say that each day is easy, but I certainly love going into work and working with my students.  Every day is a learning opportunity, and my students are always teaching me something new.