Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Three weeks have passed since the death of my Aunt Doreen.

[I have stared at this blinking cursor for thirty minutes trying to process what I want to write, and everything that I want to express seems so…]

I loved my Aunt Doreen.

When dad died, we said goodbye to him together in the hospital room.  We shared each others’ heart break in that moment;  a sister saying goodbye to her beloved little brother, and a daughter saying goodbye to her beloved dad.

I always regretted going into work that day, and not trusting my gut instinct to stay with mum and dad.  So I was thankful for the time that I was able to spend with Aunt Do at the hospital during the week of Christmas.   I will forever cherish the moments of laughter and the final conversations we had about God, life, boys, and the future.   I will forever cherish the memories of seeing her face light up with a smile when I walked in the room, and our love you moments when I had to leave for the day.

Aunt Doreen was a beautiful, gentle soul.


She loved with all her heart, and everyone that met her experienced that.


I miss her.


I miss dad.


But I am glad they are together again.



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