Love is a many splendid things…

When I think about love, I think about my family.  There are not enough words to express how I truly love my family.  Sadly,  I overuse that word and often casually toss it around to describe fleeting objects.  For how can I use the same word to express my unhealthy relationship with  pizza and also use it to describe my feelings for family.  Obviously, pizza is a quick stomach pleaser and doesn’t last forever.  But family?  Family is part of the heart and soul, and when we lose someone too early, no wonder our heart feels like it is being squeezed and crumbled.

My coworker and friend, Phil, always defines love as, “a determination of the will to look out for someone’s best interest despite how you feel.”

I appreciate this definition because when I see true love in action, I don’t see selfishness, pride, anger, frustration, or even jealousy.  I see my friends and my family placing others first despite how they may be feeling.

The past six years have hit us hard.  The past five months have seemed to knock the air out of us continuously.  I don’t always understand life, and I will be honest, I had a “what the double hockey sticks” moment.  Life is reevaluated during these times, and one really begins to weigh what is deemed as truly precious.  Suddenly driving home two and a half hours to be with family for less than five hours does not seem as crazy.  Or randomly popping by to see family out of the blue isn’t out of the way anymore.  Or giving someone an extra long hug because you don’t know if or when you will see them again is wanted and needed.

Treasure the moments you have with those you love.  Put away the electronics and be there.  Soak in the memories and cherish the time. Live purposefully.



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